Joshua Seda went to Northern Arizona University and received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Applied Indigenous Studies, as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science and a minor in Ethnic Studies. While he was pursuing his Bachelor’s degrees, he presented several research papers at Western Social Science Association and Vice President Research Symposium.


After Joshua Seda received his bachelor's, he went to Arizona Summit Law School and received his Juris Doctorate in two years. He moved to Texas and passed the Texas’ bar.


Joshua Seda started his own law practice to be an advocate for those who are injured in civil liabilities and defend those individuals who need protection from prosecution.


Joshua Seda understands the importance of balance between aggressive advocacy and power of negotiation to get the best outcome for his clients. His mission is to ensure his clients have an honest, trustworthy and relatable attorney who will not only advocate on their behalf but also be sympathetic and empathic to his clients’ legal issues.