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You can count on us to give you the truth. We will not give you false hope or unprecedented expectation. We will give you the hardcore facts, as well as, a comprehensive list of options and outcomes pertaining to your legal issues.


Regardless of the legal issue, dealing with a case is stressful. Our mission is to make sure our clients have a painless legal experience as possible. Let us stress and worry about the complexity of the case, while you get back to living your life.


We provide our clients with flexible and affordable payment structures to work around our clients’ budgets. Everyone is working diligently to provide for themselves and for their loved ones. We want to help our clients as much as we can.


Our philosophy is that a great client is a well informed client. You should know exactly what stage your case is in, the parties involved and the available options. We want to make sure you know exactly what is going in your case.



Joshua gives it to you straight so that you'll know exactly what you're up against. Trust him completely and give him all the info upfront and he'll do everything possible to help you. Thank you so much Joshua!!

J. Lin

I contacted Seda Law Office because I was looking for an attorney that was local and small enough to focus on my case. I had a smaller case that was not going to be a windfall to myself or the attorney and Joshua still spent the time on my case like it was a big case. He stayed in constant communication on the case status and we worked it until we got a settlement I was happy with. I would definitely use them again.

L. Lin

Very impressed. Joshua Seda is very professional and on top of everything. I went in for a consultation and decided not to look any further. Very informative and quick to action. Great law firm!!!!

J. Smith

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